In response to the partial government shutdown, Feeding San Diego held a special food distribution at the United States Coast Guard Sector San Diego on Wednesday, January 23. The distribution provided groceries to help ease the burden of those not receiving their pay.

Amongst the food were apples, oranges, rice and even diapers. Members of the Coast Guard and their families collected groceries as they talked with friends and coworkers.

“As the partial government shutdown continues to affect families in our county, Feeding San Diego wants to ensure that people not receiving pay are getting the extra support needed during these difficult times. We want to provide these families with nutritious food so they don’t have to choose between groceries and paying bills.” said Vince Hall, CEO of Feeding San Diego.

The distribution provided food for nearly 500 members of the Coast Guard and their families — supplying 6.5 tons of food in the process.

Helping protect our country from coast to coast, it’s challenging for members of the Coast Guard to focus on their jobs when they are worried about how they are going to feed their families. This is the longest government shutdown in US history, with the end still unknown.

For more assistance, federal workers or anyone in need can visit to find a food distribution near your work or home. Through the map, visitors can access hours, contact information, and any special requirements needed per distribution.

To help those affected by the partial government shutdown, San Diegans can help Feeding San Diego continue its critical work during this time of need by giving online. Donations support fresh produce and groceries to San Diegans throughout the county, including those impacted by the government shutdown.