Why It Matters

Hunger can be hard to recognize, but it is all around us. Hundreds of thousands of people in San Diego County face food insecurity. According to Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap 2024 research, more than 350,000 people living in San Diego County are food insecure. Essentially, someone who is food insecure does not consistently have enough food to lead a healthy life. The effects of food insecurity ripple throughout people’s lives, causing high levels of stress and chronic health issues.

By breaking the cycle of food insecurity, we can help our community thrive.

Our mission at Feeding San Diego is to connect every individual facing hunger with healthy, nutritious food.

We invite you to learn more about the impacts of hunger and why ending hunger in San Diego matters.

Two women and a young child hold produce at a Feeding San Diego food distribution

Faces of Hunger

Hunger can be difficult to recognize, but it affects people from all walks of life.




Post-Secondary Students

Veterans & Military Families

Listen to Stories of Hunger

Impacts of Hunger



Students from food-insecure homes are more likely to repeat a grade than their food-secure peers.

Cognitive and physical development
Hunger limits intellectual and emotional development in children and restricts physical growth.