Grocery & Retail

FSD partners with more than 180 local grocery stores and retailers to rescue food that would otherwise go to waste. With more than 490,000 San Diegans facing hunger, your business can help by donating items you normally discard. more

Manufacturers, Distributors & Farmers

Large and small donations from companies make a significant impact. Learn more about how companies can save money and support hungry San Diegans at the same time. more

Individual Food Donations

A tax receipt will be provided at the time of drop-off. For more information contact our volunteer team at

Residential Harvests

In addition, FSD helps combat food waste by accepting excess produce from your garden, fruit trees or small crop. Contact local gleaning groups to arrange for your produce to be picked and transported for distribution to those in need. more

Host a Food Drive

Organizing a food drive at your organization or office is a great way to fight hunger and raise awareness. Plan for success with a complete guide. more