Becoming a Community Partner with Feeding San Diego

Thank you for your interest in becoming an agency partner with Feeding San Diego (FSD).  Because of FSD’s membership with Feeding America and commitment to high food safety standards, your organization needs to meet the following criteria to be considered for Feeding San Diego partnership.  Please review the list below, verify that your organization meets all of the criteria, and gather the requested documents when applying to be a Partner to submit with your application.

We are currently accepting partners through the end of January. All new partners will go through an on-boarding orientation process together. We will only be accepting partners on a quarterly basis.

Request for Partnership Application Cycle: January, April, July, and October

Partnership Criteria:

  •      501c3 or faith-based organization with documentation of the organizations ability to meet the criteria established by the IRS to be considered a religious organization
  •      Incorporated for the purpose of serving the ill, needy, or infants, or be a religious organization and place an emphasis on serving needy clients
  •      Distribute donated product free of charge and not sell or use product in exchange for money, other property, or services
  •      Limit distribution to USA only
  •      Outline procedure for determining that final recipient of the product is ill, needy or infant
  •      Not a foster parent association
  •      Operate out of a commercial location (unless a residential facility)
  •      Refrain from discrimination in the provision of service

Required Documents for submission at beginning of the process (New partners):

  •     501c3 document/EIN document/other IRS tax exempt confirmation documentation
  •      Articles of incorporation
  •      Current list of Board of Directors
  •      Pest control log
  •      Food Handler’s Card

Additional Required Documents before becoming a partner (New Partner):

  •      FSD orientation attendance
  •      Agency agreement


  •      Submit Request for Partnership after verifying you meet basic, minimum requirements
  •      Monitoring of site for food safety requirements
  •      Receive confirmation of eligibility to become an FSD distribution site
  •      Attend FSD’s New Partner Orientation
  •      Submit any lingering documents, including Agreement signed by your organization’s leadership and FSD’s CEO
  •      Begin distribution and connect your community to food