Our Impact

At Feeding San Diego, we believe that even the smallest actions can have far-reaching impacts.

In nature, a small and seemingly insignificant event spirals outward, creating massive and complex changes in the world around us. This idea is called the butterfly effect. And we each have a role to play. When we unite towards a common goal, we can do extraordinary things. People like you make Feeding San Diego’s impact possible.

When you choose to support Feeding San Diego, you create positive impacts that ripple across San Diego County and beyond. We can’t achieve our mission without you.

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Feeding San Diego’s Impact in FY23

July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023

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We provided more than 35.4 million meals to people facing hunger. In partnership with nearly 350 local community organizations, we fed:

  • children,
  • families,
  • seniors,
  • college students,
  • military families,
  • veterans,
  • the unhoused,
  • and many more.
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76% of the food we distributed was high-quality food rescued before it went to waste. Our food donors include over 770 locations in San Diego County. In addition, we work with over 120 farms and packing sheds throughout California. As a result of these connections, we redirected more than 31 million pounds of food from the landfill. In total, we saved roughly 27,592 metric tons of CO2 equivalent from being emitted into the atmosphere.

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The strength of our network makes Feeding San Diego’s impact possible. We worked together with:

  • 350 distribution partners
  • 770 food donors
  • 120 farms and packing sheds
  • 22,200+ volunteers
  • 15,600 donors
  • 75 staff

Community Stories

We had the privilege of speaking with a few people who receive food assistance from Feeding San Diego. We invited them to share their experience with hunger because their voice matters.

Whether your donation is large or small, when you support Feeding San Diego, you change the lives of real people in your community. Learn more about the impact we make when we work together by listening to their stories.

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