Agency Partners


Thank you for your interest in joining Feeding San Diego as an Agency Partner.* Feeding San Diego works with hundreds of Agency Partners to end hunger in San Diego County.

If you would like to apply to become a partner, please confirm that your organization meets the following eligibility criteria before filling out an application.

After your application is submitted, your organization will be required to participate in an onsite monitoring visit and our onboarding training with the option to participate in our Agency Rescue Training and Food Handler Training. The entire process typically takes 2-3 months from application submission to your first food distribution. We want to ensure our partners have the best onboarding experience to create a long-lasting relationship.

*Are you a current partner looking for resources? Please explore our Partner Portal.


Before applying please be sure to read the following Partnership Requirements.

Your organization must:

  • Be led by someone who is not receiving food from the distribution program
  • Be an IRS recognized non-profit organization or church
  • Be incorporated for the purpose of serving the needy, ill, or infants (minor children)
  • Be willing and able to pay any fees associated with partnership
  • Be a San Diego-based organization with all food being distributed within San Diego County
  • Not charge for food nor be reimbursed, compensated, or require services in exchange for food
  • Not redistribute product to other non-partner organizations
  • Not discriminate for any reason
  • Not be an entity of a municipality (e.g., a School, Hospital or Prison)
  • Have been operating an organized and consistent pantry or soup kitchen or have an operation model for distribution planned
  • Have adequate storage for food. Feeding San Diego prefers food storage facilities to be in commercial buildings
  • Have a current Safe Food Handling Certification*

*Feeding San Diego does offer food handler certification courses, however, we cannot start a distribution until this criterion is fulfilled.

Getting Started

If your agency meets the above requirements, please complete this application.

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