Feeding Heroes

Proud to Support Veterans and Active Duty Military Families

Veterans and active-duty military families make significant sacrifices. Access to nutritious food shouldn’t be one of them. With our Feeding Heroes program, we work with a network of partners that serve the military community to ensure they have the food they need.

According to the 2023 Military Economic Impact Report, more than 115,000 active-duty service men and women currently call San Diego home. Over 1.2 million San Diegans, 37% of our population, have direct ties to the military. Although the families of military members stationed in San Diego do not necessarily choose where they live, they do face the reality of the high cost of living.

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Stories from Feeding Heroes Sites

A woman sitting in the front seat of a car wearing a black face mask and a military uniform

My daughter has been very emotional the past few months because she hasn’t been able to hang out with her friends. This distribution helps keep her well-fed and healthy. She would usually eat the free school meals, but now that kids are at home, I need to make sure she’s eating nutritious food. It’s great that Feeding San Diego is helping the Armed Services. Thank you so much for supporting us during this difficult time.

– Yasuyo

“I got orders in 2019. We moved from North Carolina, so in comparison, the cost of living is quite a jump. It’s really expensive here. The military can adjust you a little bit on the pay, on the BAH, but most of the time it’s not enough to compensate for the move or the basic rents. So these types of things help. We’re really thankful for the support of our troops, not only to our family but every family that has benefitted from any drives like this. It helps. I know there’s a lot of families that struggle with some finances and these actually take the stress from feeding their family, and they can worry about something else and not on bills.”

–Steve & Judith

A young couple who attended the Memorial Day food distribution

How We Serve

In partnership with local nonprofits serving veterans and military members, Feeding San Diego seeks to serve and support members of our military and veterans when they face hard times. We work with local nonprofits serving veterans and military members to meet this need. Through Feeding Heroes, we provide food to partner agencies, schools, and mobile pantries.

Through direct program sites and partnerships with agencies serving the armed forces, Feeding Heroes distributed 3.3 million meals to veteran and military families in FY22.


For more information about our Feeding Heroes program, reach out to us at info@feedingsandiego.org.