Currently, more than 360,000 people face hunger in San Diego — 360,000 too many. There is more than enough food in our community to end hunger, but it must be rescued and directed to those in need.

Imagine the day when every person in San Diego can access enough nutritious food to lead healthy lives.

Join The Grove to help make this day a reality.

The Grove is a giving circle for passionate supporters of Feeding San Diego to help end hunger in our community. Members of The Grove make an annual gift of $1,000 or more. Your generous investment helps sustain and enhance hunger-relief and food rescue programs in San Diego County.


To join or renew by mail, you can make your check payable to and mail to:

Feeding San Diego
9477 Waples St, Ste 100
San Diego, CA 92121

Are you already a member of The Grove?


Not sure if you are a member of The Grove? Contact the development team at 858.283.8979 or to confirm. 

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$2,500 to $4,999
$5,000 to $9,999
$10,000 and above
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Feeding San Diego is grateful to the following members of The Grove for their generosity between October 1, 2019, and October 1, 2020.

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Anonymous (2)
Constance Abbett
Sandra and Ali Abdallah
Ashish and Juliana Abraham
Joseph Acevedo
Jane Adams
Kambiz and Terri Agahnia
Vishal Agarwal
Linda Aguilar
Jene Alan
Eliot and Sharon Alazraki
Chris Allen
Michael and Deirdre Alpert
Sonny and Kristine Alquizar
Roberto Ancira
Bill and Valerie Anders
Derek Andersen
Beth Anderson
Donald Anderson
Jean Anderson
John and Marie Anderson
Bruce Appel and Solveig Waters-Appel
Gladys Archer
Gail Arnold
Marvin Arnold and Irene Jaquetta Heye
Diane Arrington
Frances Ashcraft
Elizabeth Ashworth
Hasan Askari
John Assaraf
Faranak Atrzadeh
Jane Allison Austin
Willy and Alchera Ayyad


Anonymous (6)
Andrea Balasuriya
Carolyn Ball
Margie Ballard
Melanie Bamba-Milinkevich
Hugh and Joy Bancroft
Gail Barker
Mary Barnes
Debra Barnett
David Barry
Lynda Barry
Vincent and Judy Bartolotta
Kenneth Batko
Jocelyn Bauer
JoEllen Baugh
Chan Beals and Kate Nicholls
Craig Beardslee
Gregory Benjamin
Terry Berenson
JoAnne Berg
Jeremy and Alethea Bernstein
Mary Ann Beyster
Jim and Shauna Billingsley
Marc Birou and Jerry Birou-Lyon
Stan and Karlene Blackburn
James and Susan Blair
Leon and Joan Blake
Kathryn Blitt
Barbara Bloom
Michelle Booth
Marcy Bordeaux
Norma Borgeson and Michelle Gomes
Aziz Boxwala and Seemeen Karimi
Michael and Sandra Boyles
Ginni Bradbury
Judy Bradley
Margaret Bradley
David Brauner
William Breher
Mike and Cindy Breider
Carolyn Brindeiro
Christine Brody
Wendyce Brody
Julie Bronstein
Daniel and Linda Brown
Dawn Brown
James Brown
Ralph Brown
Leslie Bruce
Patricia Brutten
Robert and Pamela Buie
Patricia Bull
Fay Bullitt
Daniel Bunn
Gary and Mary Burdick
Pam Burkholz
Robert Wesley Burns
Anthony Burr
Susan Busch
Fred and Bee Bush
Charles and Sue Butler


Anonymous (4)
Heather Caliri
Tom Callister
Barbara Calvao
John and Ladonna Carman
Carol Carr
Chris and Cathy Carroll
Betty Carter
Elizabeth Carter
Robert Carvalho
Ellen Casados
Max Castillo
Jeffrey Cavignac
Janet Chambers
Raymond and Jean Chan
Jui-Yuan Chang
Eugene and Katie Chen
Kevin Chen and Natasha Wong
Thomas Cheyney
Clifford Cho
Greg, Kelly, David and Sofia Chow
Janet Chrispeels
Walter Chu
Nathaniel Chuang
Richard Clampitt and Rachel Hurst
John Clark
Diana Cleary
Elizabeth Clegg
Edward Clement
Dennis Coates
Stephen Cohan and Penelope Andrews
Michael and Ellise Coit
Kathleen Coleman
Dave Colmar and Cathy Gilchrist-Colmar
Relda Colvin
Susan and Bartley Concannon
M Elizabeth Conner
Shirley Conro
Steven Constable
Thomas and Jodi Conti
Cynthia Cook
Leslie Cook
Grindle Cooley
Natasha Coons
Hisako Coox
Tony Costanzo
Jeremy Cowperthwaite
Teresa Cox
Daniel Crabtree
Daniella Cramp
Warren Cranmer
Larry Critser
Ruth Crowell
Dennis Cruzan


Anonymous (4)
Scotty Dale
Lynn Daniel
Edwin Danly
Jeffrey and Sherry Davies
Benjamin and Kathy Davis
Layla Davis
Steve and Jennifer Dawson
Jamison and Amy Day
Irene de Watteville
Don and Jeanne Dean
John DeBeer and Mona Baumgartel
Teena Deering
Marlene Delos-Reyes
Christina Demellier
Julie Dement
Julie DeMeules
Robby and Michelle Demond
Traci DePuy
Robert DeVaere
John and Myrna Dignan
Carol Dillahunty
Dennis and Audrey Beth DiLucente
George Dionisopoulos
Daniel and Nancy Donoghue
Glenn Doshay
William Dougherty
Michael and Regina Dowd
Scott and Marci Duhs
Kathleen Dunlay
David J. Dunn
John Dunn and Christina Iwane
Louis and Karin Dunn
Margaret Dunn
Skeets and Sharon Dunn
Lee and Kay Duran
John Durant


Anonymous (2)
William Earl
Nader Ebeid
Gary Echo and Joan Hastings
Bertram Edelstein and Karen Helrich
John and Martha Eggemeyer
Susan Ehrhardt
Henry Eimstad
Steven and Sharon Elggren
Susan Elmore
Paula and Herb Engle
Dan and Phyllis Epstein
Karolina Ericsson
John and Allegra Ernst
Marette Esperance
Alfred and Karin Esser
Virginia Estes
Marie Estocin
Kellie Evans-O’Connor


Henry Barrie Fairley
Bradley Farr
Ian Fasack
Janet Fecke
David Feinstein and Donna Eden
Genaro Fernandez
Patricia Ferrell
Silvia Ferson
John Fieberg and Maureen Tess-Fieberg
Susan Fields
Lesley Finney
Zachary Fisk
Ted and Judith Fitzsimmons
Susanna and Michael Flaster
Arthur and Sandra Flippin
Michael and Jessica Flippin
David Flores
Gerald Foodman
Timothy Foreman
Jim and Nynke Fortuin
Charles and Alicia Foster
Allison Fowler
Frank Fox
Mary Ann Fox
Paul and Jessica Fraidenburgh
Caroline Frederick
Ken Freeman
Nancy Frey
Martin and Sheila Friedlander
Steven Friedman
Koji and Angela Fukumura
Cheryl Fuller


Anonymous (2)
Nikhil and Sheetal Gandhi
Eric Garber
Vicki Garcia Golden
Max Gardner
Barry Garson
Sheila Gately
Mike Gault and Michelle Mueller
Fir Geenen
Tom Gegax and Mary Wescott
Bernhard Geierstanger
Ed Gemo
Henry George
Theresa Georgi
Emil Ghio
Michael Gianni
Lynn Gifford
Jon and Bobbie Gilbert
David and Iris Gimbel
Eric and Allison Glader
Robert Glaser
Timi Gleason
Gary and Kelli Glover
Richard Gluck
Kimberly Godwin
David E. Gold
Steven and Gail Goldfarb
Armando and Eliset Gonzalez
Gustavo Gonzalez
Richard and Jane Good
Alan Goodman
Ami Goradia
Robert and Linda Gordon
James Gorgol
Judi Gottschalk
Steven Gould
Donald and Karen Goyette
Christi Grab
Rachel Grassi
Kathleen Grauer
David Gray and Sarah White
Robin Greene
Valinda Greene
David Greenlee
Stephanie Greenwald
Gerard and Beverly Greer
Anita Griffin
Luke Griffin
Chad Grimes
Kyle Grow
The Gruby Family
Robert and Laura Gunn
Ajay and Silvia Gupta
Clyde Guth and Kathryn Gargano


Anonymous (2)
Janet Haddock
Denise and Michael Hager
Ron Hager
Vince Hall
Deborah Halliday
Elaine Halliday
Katie Halliday
Dan and Shelley Hammer
Bill and Jaye Hanley
John Hansen and Valerie Chereskin
J T and Carol Hara
Dale Hardy
Michael Haughey
Jackie Hawes
Grace Hawkes
Kathryn Hawrylo
Eileen Hay
Brian Hays
The Heald-Hart Family
George Hecht
Nancy Hedrick
Carolyn Heffner
Chris Heim
Charles and Nancy Heinrichs
Donna Henricks
Wendy Herlosky
Scott and Jane Hermes
Karla Hertzog
Debbie Higa
Stacey Hijar
George Hill and Katherine Tiddens
Melinda Hill
Steffan and Kimberly Ho
Paula Hodgkiss
Sandra Hoeffler
Kenway and Jeanne Hoey
Matthew Hoffman
Gregory Hofman
Sheila Homza
Haney and Lauren Hong
John and Sally Hood
Cindy and Alan Horn
Paul Horton
Martha Hough
Nancy Houser and Kenneth Sauder
Peter Hovde
Clark and Lenette Howard
Lorraine Howe
Jim and Carmen Hughes
Thomas Hull
James Hunt
Martin Hupka
Nghi Huynh
David and Therese Hymer


Glenn Ishioka
Walter Iwashita


Anonymous (3)
Natan Jacobson
Yves Jacot
Richard and Ann Jaffe
Ken and Patricia Janda
Sarah Jenan
Lara Jennings
Angela Jensen
William and Irene Jernigan
Brian Jesse
Amina-Louise Jeu
George Jiracek and Wendy Mihalic
Phil Joffe and Margaret Carrera
Andrea Johnson
Frank Johnson
Norman and Margaret Johnson
Terry and Roxie Johnson
Timothy Johnston
Elizabeth Jones
Jena Jones
David K. Jordan
Kenneth and Lee Ann Jordan
Phyllis Jordanov


Anonymous (3)
Stephen Kahle
Rachael Kaiser
Sue Kalish
Lisa Kallenberg
Jess Kalloch
Christopher and Nancy Kane
Linda Kao
Ronald and Carol Kaplan
Tom Karins
Eric Karpinski
Brian and Rita Kaspar
James Kaspar
Vincent and Candace Kasperick
Sheron Kaufman
Estella Kavanagh
Elizabeth Keadle
Thomas and Karen Keeven
William Keitel and Jill McSweeney
Bill Keith
Kay Keith
Leigh Keith
Thomas and Judy Keller
Kevin Kelly
Maggie Kelly
Brian Kent
Linzey Kibler
Robert Kiesling
Pat and Stephanie Kilkenny
Dr. Angela Kilman
Hyonchol Kim
Stephen and Fiona Kingsmore
Carrie Kirtz
Janet and John Kister
Julie Tafel Klaus
Steven Klebanoff
Laura Klein
Sosi and Ara Klijian
Gary and Karin Kloehn
R. Stuart Knecht and Mary Anne Orcutt
Barbara Knight
Kimberly Kole
Orville Kolterman and Gayle Lorenzi Kolterman
Daniel Koser
Gary Kraut and Bettie McCarthy-Kraut
Paul Kriz
Kimberly Krug
Charles and Zandra Krulak
Darrell and Sagary Krulce
Charlene Krusas
Kenneth and Barbara Kubarych
Anona Kuehne
Dominic and Elaine Kung
Bridget Kyi


Anonymous (3)
Andy Laats
George Lai
George and Mei Huei Lai
Kristina Lane
Tom and Linda Lang
Marc and Elsa Lantzman
James Lauer
George and Eileen Lazar
Carol Lazier and James Merritt
Karen Leboffe
Ronald and Jane Lech
Joseph Leeba
Josh Lefler
Terry Leggett
Kathleen LeGrys
Lewis Leicher
Linda Leonard
Scott and Rosemary Leonard
Tom and Mary Lesniewski
Pancy Leung-Chen
Jordan and Susan Levin
Nancy Levin
Gary and Lisa Levine
Arthur (z’l) and Sandy Levinson
Priscilla Lewis and Joseph Ainsworth
Herbert and Beverly Liberman
Kay and Phil Liles
Kevin and Carol Limbach
Andrew Lincoln
Barbara Lind
Dennis and Pam Lint
Enrique Lombrozo
Ann Lomuto
George and Karen Longstreth
Dianne Lookabaugh
Mark and Hilary Loretta
Patrick and Kathleen Loughlin
Patricia Low
The Lowery Family
Marcia Lowrey
Jonathan and Nancy Lurie
Ken and Gayle Lusher


Anonymous (5)
Sharron MacDonald
Florence Magassy
Elizabeth Rice Maget and Henri Maget
Matt and Angie Mahaydik
Creighton and Karen Maher
Leslie Ann Mahr
Sharon Majors-Lewis
Chris and Melody Malachowsky
Brian and Nancy Malk
John C. Malugen
Ron and Diane Mannix
Bonnie Mantel
Joti Marango
David and Patsy Marino
Bill and Tristan Maris
Ellen Marks
Jordan Markwith
Denise Marquez
Gary and Becky Marrokol
Susan Marsh
Corrie and Graham Martin
Giff and Michele Marzoni
Lisa Mason
Rose Masters
Thomas Masters
Pompel and Emy Mastrocola
Mike Matamoros
Jeffrey and Beth Mattfolk
Richard Matzinger
Michael and Alison Mauze
Michelle Mazzoni
William and Debra McCain
Lindsay McCampbell
Brian McCloskey
Pat and Marti McCready
Barbara McCurtis
Jeff and Mardee McDaniel
Joan McDonough
Anurag and Jill McKenna
Tom and Michelle McKinney
Barbara and James McKown
Marcia McLatchy and Liane Lane
Fumiko McNally
Aviva and Andrew McPherron
Garland McQuinn
Mark Mead
Travis and Michelle Medley
Brenda Medrano
Edgar Mendoza
Alida Messinger
Scott Metzger
Andrew Meyer
Stephanie Michael
Eric and Laura Michelsen
Kurt Mihalco
Trevor and Teresa Mihalik
Cinda Miller
Matthew Miller
Robert and Barbara Miller
The Miller Family
Sheila Miller
Susan Miller
Kerry and Paul Mills
Jody and Alex Mincks
Anne Mirkin
Roberta Mitchell
Patricia Mogul
Joseph Monaco
Amy and Vincent Monteparte
Sophia Monteroso
Marjorie Mopper
Ronald and Marci Morgan
David and Ann Morin
Gavon Morris
Will and Vanessa Morrison
Mark Morsch
Terry and Lisa Morton
Patrick Mower
Michelle M. Mueller
Josh and Cristen Mugford
Eileen Mullady
John Mullen
George and Janice Muller
Doug Murphy and Daniele Bergeron
Robert Musil
Eric Mustonen and Amee Wood


Alex and Nancy Nagy
Charles Nagy
Jean Sullivan and David Nassif
Louis and Arlene Navias
Thomas and Jacquelyn Neal
Daryll Nees
John Neill
Sandra Nelson
Steve and Cynthia Nelson
Sara and Brian Nese
Steve and Ruth Netzley
Kathleen Marie Neuman
Michael Newman and Janet Harris
Anh Nguyen
Thai and John Nguyen-Cleary
Jane Nicols-Miller
Caroline and Nico Nierenberg
Alex and Jenny Ning
Jeffrey and Jane Nobbs
Reita Noble
Deborah Norausky
Roald Nordrehaug
Scott and Danyelle Norris
Roxane Nowling
Dennis and Carla Nugent
Linda Nyquist


Fergus O’Connell
Janice O’Dell
Erin O’Rourke


Andres and Deborah Orozco
Archie Ortega
Stephen Osborne
Susan Ostanik


Rob Oswalt and Sharon Payne
Russ and Lynn Owens
Wayne Owens



Cynthia Pacal
Robert and Doyleen Pace
Celia Padilla
Benita Page
Susan Parker
Theodore Patrick
Philip Patten
Natasha Paul
Dan and Laurie Pearl


Charlie Peet
Pamela Pendrell
Danilo Perez
Maryann Perrino
Mike and Kari Perry
Michael and Leigh Peters
The Honorable Scott Peters
and Ms. Lynn Gorguze
Angela Peto
Patrick Phillips


William and Gwen Pogue
Lon and Glenda Poliner
Jori Potiker-Brown and Michael Brown
Jaime Prado
Allison and Robert Price
Janice Price
Jill Prolman
Anna Purdy


Veerabhadran and Giri Ramanathan
Brian Ramsay
Gerry Ranglas
Michele Recordon
Clare Redlinger
James Rehoreg
Elmer and Lee Reich
Sheryl Reichert
Alita Reilly
Nancy and Steve Reitzler


William and Catherine Rice
Gloria Richley
Donald Ridgway
Karen Riggs
Tinsika Riggs
Daniel and Jill Rigoli
Patty Robbins
Ted Robinson
Daniel Roemer and Dana Harrel
Ron and Joyce Nelson
Cameron Rooke
Judy Rosa
David Rousseau
Roy Family
David and Kathleen Rubenson
Zev Rubenstein
Donald and Linda Rundell
Kristin Ruscetta
Patrick and Jami Rushing
Paul and Diane Rutherford
Geraldine Ryan


Anonymous (5)
Alicia Saake
Anthony and Ellen Sacks
Ken and Julie Saffir
Linda Sager
James Sallis
George and Debra Sammon
Edward and Susan Sanderson
Robert and Joy Sandstrom
Robert and Linda Sanet
Terence Sanford
Richard and Shari Sapp
Paul Sarkaria and Kathleen Paveglio
Christine Sarkisian
Kathy Sartain
Dawn Saunders
Paul Savage
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Savoie
Robert and Catherine Saxton
Krissie Scanlan
Mark Schiffman
Maria and Mark Schlossberg
Neal and Margaret Schmale
Mathias Schmidt
Russell and Brigid Schnapp
Marilies Schoepflin
Grant Schoneman
Richard and Laura Schrager
Brian Schroeder
Marcus Scott
Frank Scotti
Marilyn Seay
Bart Sefton
Verena Seisun
Robert Semmer and Alex Kwoka
Eduardo Serna
Donna and Chuck Sevilla
Michael and Peggy Sexton
Phyliss Sexton
Reese and Anne Sexton
Joanne and Philip Shapiro
Susan Sharin and Laurina Young
Timothy Shaw
Wilson Shelton
Cynthia Shenkman
Forrest Shepard
Harry Sherr and Cynthia Strauss
Diane Shields
Ben and Julia Shiller
Danny Shinder
Stephen Shoemaker and
Denise Handler Shoemaker
Norma Showalter
George and Carole Shumaik
Maureen Shumate
Richard and Lucy Silveira
Larry Silver
Nannette Sinalo Netal
Marsha Skarupa
Andrew Smith
Ann Smith
Derek and Wendy Smith
Edward Smith
Erik and Neetu Smith
Gene and Janet Smith
Nicholas Smith
Bill Smith and Vicki Krivoski
Jodi Smith and Mark Ungrodt
Abby Snyder
Star Soltan
Sally Sondreal
Ken and Yu Linda Song


Sun Song
Alex and Jola Sonkin
Kit and Amy Sparks
Glen Sparrow
Diane Spaulding
Ellen Speert
Teresa Spencer
Mike Spilky
Kristin Spivey and Nick Pilchak
Nancy Sprotte
Nancy Stanley
Bruce Steel and Jean Gonzalez-Steel
Jan Steinert
Mark Stephenson and Chryso Mineo
Roger Stern
Greg Stevens
Joseph and Brenda Stiehl
John Stires
John Stocks
Kathleen Stone
Catherine Stout
Ron Stowers
Dr. Kathleen Strauss
The Stromberg Family
Shelby Strong
Jai Suh
Michael Surmanian
Yasha Susoeff and Carol Dulmage
William and Suzanne Sutton
Julie Swain
Paul Swanson
Michael and Pamela Swartout
Karen Swartz
Sean and Sandra Sweeney



Anonymous (2)
Milton and Vicki Takahashi
Sam and Barb Takahashi
Cheryl Tallerday
Peter and Susan Tancredi
David Tanner
Noah Taussig


Tom and Gloria Taylor
Kermit Taylor
William and Carolyn Taylor
Judy Teitler
Kenneth Telles
Nore Thiesfeld
Margo Thomas


Heidi Tillinghast
Darcie Tilly
Karen Tincup
Harold Tindall
Cal and Lynda Treger
Carole and Jerry Turk



Johanna Unger
Richard and Connie Unger


Eugene Vaisberg
Tasneem Vakharia
Matthew and Diana Valji
Cathy Van Der Schans
Christie Van Dusen
Tavo Vega
Elizabeth Venrick
David Vermilyea
William Vieux
Sony Vo and Tue Nguyen
Jami Voge


Anonymous (2)
Christian and Lina Waage
Michael and Janet Waidelich
Carolyn Bell and Gordon Kent Walker
Ramona Walker
Gretchen Ward
Gary Wardein
Jim Waring
Garith Warner
Ellen Warner-Scott
Jennifer Washicko
Bryan and Lisa Watson
Rebecca Watson
David and Sharon Wax


Sheava Wax
James and Patty Wayman
Brock Weatherup
Martha Weiner
Jeffrey and Elena Weissman
Steve Welty
Jason West
William Whaley
Mary Whistler
John and Vickey Whitley
Vanessa Whitley
Daniel and Susan Whitt
Audrey Wickstrand
Leo and Kathryn Willetts


Diane Williams
Nancy Williams
Pat Wilson and Greg Rose
Robert S. and Marion L. Wilson
Jean Wirtz
Suzanne Witter
Larry and Liz Wolfe
Todd and Stacy Wolter
Steven Wong
Alex Woodard
Deborah Woods
Anne Wright
Murray and Julie Wunderly
Pamela Wygod



Susan Yeaw
George Yee and Roberta Baade
Mark Yepis
Michele Yepiz
David York
Beryl Young
Virginia Young
Wudge Yrueta
Kitty Yuen



Florentino Zamora Jr
Troy and Temple Zander
Sharon Zell


James and David Zerkle
Paul Zimmer
Marjorie Zinner


Paul and Michelle Zuest



If you have any questions or updates about your listing, please contact the development team at 858.283.8979 or to confirm.