Take action today to protect federal hunger relief programs!

In order to achieve a hunger-free and healthy community, Feeding San Diego advocates for the rights of the food insecure on a federal, state and local level. Through a variety of partnerships, FSD educates the community and elected officials on the issues impacting our clients and distribution partners.

Our public policy goals are based on our values and mission. In collaboration with Feeding America national, FSD is working to ensure that:

  • No child is at risk of hunger
  • Food banks are well stocked to help those in need
  • Families have a solid foundation by having access to nutritious food
  • People can get help during hard times

You can make a lasting difference in the lives of those in need by raising awareness of hunger, supporting legislative change, and promoting available resources and solutions.

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More information on hunger-related state legislation from the California Association of Food Banks.


Hunger-Related State Legislation
Feeding America Advocacy Action Center
California Association of Food Banks
San Diego Hunger Coalition
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For more information, contact info@feedingsandiego.org.