On Tuesday, May 21, five Feeding San Diego staff along with 27 community members boarded a bus and made the eight hour drive to Sacramento, California. Why? So they could participate in Hunger Action Day 2019 on Wednesday, May 22.   

Each May, anti-hunger advocates from all over the state meet in Sacramento to educate their legislators about hunger and support anti-hunger legislation. Hunger-relief organizations, advocates, soup kitchen volunteers, nutritionists, and others concerned about the millions of Californians experiencing hunger travel by bus, car, and plane to participate in this important event. 

Over the course of the day, our group met with more than 11 different legislative representatives, or their staff, to advocate for meaningful policies that support hunger-relief in San Diego and California

“After the much anticipated trip to Sacramento, I can definitely say that the days leading up to Hunger Action Day spent preparing, as well as the hours spent traveling on the bus were well worth it,” said Kate Garrett, Retail Partnership Coordinator for Feeding San Diego. “As it was my first time heading up to the Capitol, I was a bit nervous and unsure of exactly what to expect. My worries quickly faded, as the visits conducted with staffers of legislators and senators proved to be incredibly engaging and seemingly effective. My smaller, individual group was even able to meet and speak with Senator Brian Jones! Our group of staff members, agency representatives, and fellow advocates made for such a wonderful cohort and support system throughout this Hunger Action Day journey. I can only hope to return back next year, but in the meantime I will continue to stay active in the fight against hunger in California.”

Nico Sidorakis, Food Safety Partnership Coordinator, was also among the five staff from Feeding San Diego who was able to experience the trip for the first time. “My group met with two very welcoming staffers from the offices of Assembly Member Shirley Weber and Senator Ben Hueso. They were appreciative of us coming to the Capitol to discuss these hunger-relief bills and to share our stories.”

Feeding San Diego was proud to participate in Hunger Action Day 2019 alongside other members of the California Hunger Action Coalition. The California Hunger Action Coalition is a group of advocates committed to ending hunger in California. We are united in our belief that access to adequate, nutritious and safe food is a fundamental human right.