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Nutrition Banking

Feeding San Diego recognizes the severity of the nutrition epidemic in San Diego County and beyond. The combination of unhealthy eating and a lack of physical activity are key contributors to the leading causes of chronic disease and malnutrition in the United States. As a food bank, FSD has an opportunity to positively contribute to your clients’ health. With this in mind, FSD has shifted its operations from food banking to nutrition banking. To this end, all produce is available to agencies free of charge through AE3 online, nutrition interns provide nutrition demonstrations and healthy recipes at partner agencies on request, and we offer six-week nutrition education classes in English or Spanish to clients at partner agencies. FSD is looking forward to working with you to create a hunger-free and healthy San Diego.

Nutrition Nudges

One important factor in increasing the amount of healthy food you distribute is the demand for it at your pantry. This is where nudges comes in, or a set of strategies designed to leverage cues in the environment that can influence the decisions individuals make about their food. Click here for a report on effective ways to encourage clients to choose healthy items at your distribution. 

Nutrition Education Posters

Recipes and Nutrition Nuggets


Interactive Nutrition Demonstration Kit Resources

An Interactive Nutrition Demonstration is an activity and display at a food distribution or community event that engages participants in nutrition education through hands-on learning. These kits are portable, easy for volunteer nutrition educators to use, focused on a single nutrition topic, and cost no more than $20 in supplies to create.  We can provide all of the support materials to accompany each kit and get you started using this easy and interactive method of nutrition education.  We even have lots of options for nutrition activities and games for kids!  To request materials for creating your own demonstration kit on any of the below topics or for training your volunteers or staff in using them, contact Beth Trimble, 858.452.3663 x132.

Interactive Nutrition Demonstration Kit Topics include: Portion Sizes; Kids’ Nutrition Games and Activities; MyPlate Matching Game; Fruit and Veggie Flashcard Game

Additional Resources Online