As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread, people who’ve never had to visit a food bank are finding themselves in need of help. Before COVID, 1 in 8 people faced hunger across San Diego County, including 1 in 6 children. Now, that number has surged by 50 percent. The number of individuals and families experiencing hunger in the community has increased significantly with no signs that it will let up soon.

The GHT Companies, headquartered in San Diego County, is giving back to help their community through this difficult time. The GHT companies is a manufacturer of high-quality nutraceutical supplements. They believe a good diet helps support a strong immune system and they are passionate about helping others live a healthy life.  

This health-conscious company and its Vegan Life Nutrition and Vibrant Nutraceuticals product lines are dedicated to providing access to nutrition for all San Diegans, as well as the global community as a whole. Starting in May, The GHT Companies partnered with Feeding San Diego by pledging to donate $1 for every eligible product sold. The GHT Companies hope to inspire San Diegans not only to invest in their own personal good health but to invest in the health of their community as well. They have already surpassed their initial pledge to raise $25,000.

“Good nutrition is one of the most basic human needs. No one should have to suffer from hunger day in and day out,” says Jim Rex CEO of The GHT Companies. “In this time of high unemployment and great economic uncertainty, the least we can do is help those who are dealing with food insecurity.”  

The GHT Companies will continue to donate funds to Feeding San Diego with the sales of their immunity products in order to help provide more nutritious meals to those facing hunger.