Retail Rescue Collaboration With Sprouts

//Retail Rescue Collaboration With Sprouts

Retail Rescue Collaboration With Sprouts

“We believe healthy living is a journey and every meal is a choice. We love to inspire, educate and empower every person to eat healthier and live a better life.”

Sprouts Farmers Market is living its mission statement, which naturally aligns with Feeding San Diego’s efforts to solve hunger by providing healthy meals for San Diegans in need. Sprouts has been a Feeding San Diego retail partner since 2015, donating more than three million meals for San Diegans facing hunger.

Every week, 86 neighborhood partners pick up food from 22 different Sprouts locations across San Diego County. This means thousands of meals that otherwise would have gone to waste are instead rescued and quickly provided to families facing hunger in their local communities.

Sprouts partnership with Feeding San Diego benefits all participants—as a retailer, Sprouts fulfills its mission, FSD neighborhood partner organizations are equipped to assist neighbors in need, thousands of families receive nutritious food every week and as a result, every nutritious food item saved from the landfill helps protect the environment.

Without this partnership, nutritious food would otherwise go to waste in the landfill, producing methane, a leading greenhouse gas. By redirecting healthy food to those in need, instead of throwing it away, FSD is reducing global warming.

Along with donating food through the year-round Retail Rescue Program, Sprouts hosts a holiday “Grab ‘N Give” campaign, where shoppers can purchase a pre-packed bag of seasonal food items for people facing hunger. Those bags are picked up by the same local charities, who then give them directly to families facing hunger during the holiday season.

Hunger in San Diego County can be solved thanks to the generosity of Sprouts Farmers Market, the food industry, and more than 8,000 generous donors who make Feeding San Diego’s mission possible.

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