Emergency food relief services, job training, wellness programs, financial management and volunteer development – these are just some of the puzzle pieces that shape Project Reach, a Feeding San Diego agency partner that helps get food and resources directly to people struggling with hunger.

“We try to provide comprehensive care, and if we can’t provide it here then we want to connect people to whoever does it best around us.”

Shawna Nehl, Director of operations, equates the success of Project Reach to its strong volunteer base.

“They just have so much love for people. Whenever people come to the line, it’s like yes, we have food to give you, but it’s more than that. They are so caring and they want to know how that person is doing, they want to be the bright spot in that person’s day.”

Project Reach aims not just to meet the basic necessities of people, but go above and beyond that. Everyone has a unique story and they try to cater to their needs in order to get someone back on their feet.

A few months ago, Project Reach began participating in the Starbucks FoodShare program, adding to the list of services they provide. The Starbucks FoodShare program rescues unsold food from Starbucks stores across the County. These sandwiches, lunch boxes, fruit, and ready-to-go meals are then provided to people facing hunger around the community.

It seems like there is nothing Project Reach can’t do. If there is somebody in need that comes through their door, the team at Project Reach always finds a way to help them.