1 in 8, or nearly 400,000 people, in San Diego County are food insecure. Through our Feeding Families initiative, Feeding San Diego works to provide healthy meals to families across the county through nonprofit partnerships and direct-to-client distributions. Through research conducted by Feeding America, we continue to learn more about the families we serve and work to alleviate struggles families are facing today.

Partner Agencies

Feeding San Diego partners with local nonprofit organizations who operate their own food pantries, soup kitchens, and hunger-relief programs in neighborhoods throughout the county. We provide deliveries of food, coordinate their pickup of rescued food from donors and retail partners, and ensure food safety and compliance standards are in place to protect people facing hunger. In addition, Feeding San Diego provides limited cash and in-kind grants to support partner agencies in strengthening and expanding their capacity to serve additional people in need.

Mobile Pantry Program

Reaching predominantly rural areas in north and east San Diego County, Feeding San Diego serves 2,360 families monthly through the Mobile Pantry Program, a unique traveling pantry operation. Food distributions at each site are held on a twice-monthly basis for underserved populations, many of whom are low-income households, farmers, migrant workers, and seniors.

College Partnerships Program

Feeding San Diego serves post-secondary students and their families attending community college and continuing education courses through our College Partnerships program. Eleven campuses host farmer’s market-style pantries on a monthly or weekly basis, primarily using rescued food from our generous food donors and retail partners. Feeding San Diego provides food to 2,075 households per month through these distributions.