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Feeding San Diego’s produce pantry program focuses on providing fresh fruit and vegetables. Each distribution contains up to six different types of produce.

Produce pantries are open to anyone in need and offer a way for the community to receive healthy, fresh produce to supplement dry goods from other distributions.

For walk-up pantries, attendees are encouraged to bring their own bags or carts to receive the produce.

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Stories from Our Produce Pantry Sites

Elderly couple at Feeding San Diego mobile food pantry in Alpine

This is our second time at this distribution, we’re used to making ends meet. My mom has Alzheimer’s, and we’ve been taking care of her. It’s hard to take her shopping, so this is truly a blessing. My sister has breast cancer but still helps out with mom where she can. I just had a knee replacement and need another one. All this food goes to my mom. We moved here three years ago. Sold our house to help. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do for family.

–Mary Jo

I have been coming to this distribution for over a year. I have five grown children that I have been fostering at home and 5 grandchildren. The extra food from this distribution really helps because we are all day at home now because of the pandemic. Before, when the kids would go to school, they could get lunches there, but now that they are at home and need more food. So, it’s tougher than before. This distribution helps a lot of people, especially now with COVID-19. It’s really affecting us. It’s hard for my kids too, but I tell them – you are blessed every day you wake up.


Woman loads canned goods into food cart at distribution


For more information about our Produce Pantry program, contact our team at DirectService@feedingsandiego.org.

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