Need helping putting food on the table during tough times? CalFresh helps you and your family buy nutritious food.



What is CalFresh?

CalFresh (formerly known as Food Stamps and nationally known as SNAP) is a nutrition assistance program designed to help families and low-income individuals purchase healthy foods. Eligible clients can receive an EBT card (similar to a debit card) that can be used to purchase food at the grocery store and participating farmer’s markets.

Do I qualify for CalFresh benefits?

Call us at 858.863.6635 or e-mail us at and a member of the CalFresh team will pre-screen you over the phone and get you started on the application process.

You can also click the button  bellow to see if you are eligible. Once the form is received, a CalFresh Outreach representative at Feeding San Diego will call to assist you in applying.

Or see if you qualify and apply online at

Myths About CalFresh

Fact:  There can be multiple “CalFresh Households” under one roof.  The most important thing that determines whether or not people can apply separately is if they buy and prepare food together.
Fact: You can own a house and a car and still be eligible for CalFresh.
Fact: You don’t need to have children to qualify for CalFresh.
Fact: While SSI would disqualify the person receiving it from receiving CalFresh benefits, if there are other people in the household that buy and prepare food with the person that don’t receive SSI, they could be eligible for benefits. People receiving other types of Social Security (SSA, SSDA, etc.) may qualify.

Fact: While people who are presently undocumented wouldn’t receive benefits for themselves, they could apply for benefits for other people that they live with that are documented.  For example, undocumented parents could apply and receive benefits for their documented children.