Last week, the San Diego Magazine published an article titled ‘The Volunteer Diaries‘ to bring into spotlight three local San Diegans who are making a difference in the San Diego community with their volunteering efforts. One of our very own volunteers, Nancy Kane, a Team Leader and Ambassador, was featured among the three volunteers. Below is her interview as published by the magazine –

TRAINING REQUIRED: I completed the formal team leader training a few years back and now help to train other team leaders, who range from young adults to retirees.

TIME COMMITMENT: At least eight to 10 hours a week. I have logged in over 700 hours.

WHY FEEDING SAN DIEGO: I was looking for an outlet to bring food donations to and happened upon FSD. I signed up for a volunteer shift in 2012. On the tour, I heard that one in four children in San Diego County faced hunger. [It fell to one in six by 2017.] That shocked me! I plan on staying until the statistic changes to no children—or families, or seniors, or military, or college students…

MY BEST DAY: It’s usually when I’m interacting with volunteers, either in the warehouse or out in the community. I love the passion that comes from people who align with my desire to change hunger in this community.

MY FAVORITE STORY: I helped set up a school pantry at an elementary school in the City Heights area. It was wonderful to see the families pick up their food while picking up their students. Many of the families knew each other. It had a farmers’ market feel that allowed for food choices, and there was plenty of food to go around. That school pantry still exists today.

WHO SHOULD VOLUNTEER HERE: Anyone would love this work! Most opportunities are in the warehouse, packing food. It’s a fun environment, because the team and staff are passionate and helpful. Come join me!

Way to go Nancy! We are very proud of you and grateful for your contributions to Feeding San Diego’s mission to end hunger in San Diego County. We are also thankful to San Diego Magazine for bringing into spotlight dedicated volunteers who are setting the right example and inspiring others to make a difference.