The aroma of Italian seasoning comes from the community room as children and their families arrive at the Lincoln Acres Branch Library for lunch. On today’s menu: homemade meatball subs, cucumbers, fresh fruit and milk. “I like that the meals are healthy and variety of types of meals,” one of the mothers remarked, as her children are given a meal to enjoy.

Over the course of the summer, Feeding San Diego served more than 25,000 meals and snacks, free of charge, to children at 16 different sites throughout the county. By partnering with libraries, community organizations, and community centers, Feeding San Diego helps to fill the summer meal gap, when thousands of children lose access to school-based breakfast and lunch programs.

At the Borrego Springs Branch Library, a mother of young foster boys said that the free summer meal program has been an amazing resource in helping to feed her family. Her children always get excited to go to the library to eat lunch. “Thank you for helping me keep my two foster boys fed and happy,” she said. “They love coming here!”

In addition to providing daily meals for children, Feeding San Diego also provided more than 55,000 pounds of free produce throughout the summer, in partnership with the San Diego Unified School District.

Through meal programs like this and additional food distributions throughout the summer, you’ve helped Feeding San Diego fill the gap for children and families at a time of increased need.

Together, the San Diego community was able to raise more than 1.3 million meals which made programs like those at Lincoln Acres Branch Library and Borrego Springs Branch Library possible. Thank you to all of the generous people who helped send the children of San Diego back to school nourished and ready to learn.