“During this time of change and uncertainty, our primary focus is to make sure our clients are safe and getting the food they need,” said Molly Hall, Kitchen Manager at Alpha Project. “Alpha Project’s partnership with Feeding San Diego has brought a new light to fighting hunger. They have connected us to so many amazing resources and partners including Costco, Albertsons, Bristol Farms, Smart and Final, and many others. A recent connection to Smart & Final brought tears to our eyes. When faced with a large donation obstacle that would allow us to feed hundreds of people, Alpha’s kitchen and maintenance crew along with Ruben’s team from the local Smart & Final dropped what they were doing and came to help us unload a donation totaling 18,485 pounds! That type of teamwork and partnership is exactly what Alpha Project counts on to help so many adults and families in need. We couldn’t do this without the help and support of all of our amazing partners! Thank you Feeding San Diego and our local partners for everything you do!”