Health & Nutrition

With more than a third of San Diego residents considered overweight or obese, those facing hunger not only need more food to eat, they need healthier food. Other chronic diseases and health issues linked to hunger are prevalent among those served by Feeding San Diego, including 32 percent of households containing a member with diabetes and 40 percent lacking health insurance.

To reduce the risk and impact of these health factors for those we serve, FSD focuses on distributing healthy and fresh foods along with appropriate nutrition education.

Nutrition Policies

Feeding San Diego is committed to meeting the nutritional needs of the people we serve by establishing nutrition standards for food we purchase as well as recommendations for food we accept through donations. This position is driven by our organization’s values and a belief that we must responsibly manage monetary donations, make decisions that benefit the public that we serve and distribute nutrient-dense food products that enhance the quality of life for the individuals we serve.

Each policy uses the USDA’s MyPlate nutritional guidelines for reference and were developed by FSD’s Nutrition Policy Council, a group of nutrition and health professionals convened for the purpose of designing these policies.