Group Volunteering

Group volunteer shifts are available from Monday through Saturday. To ensure a successful event, select one group organizer to schedule your shift at least two weeks in advance. Please schedule two to three months ahead during the holiday season.

Request a shift using the following group volunteer request form. FSD will confirm your volunteer shift and send your Group Organizer a join code. Volunteers in your group will then be able to sign up for the selected shift by entering the code using our online system.

Large corporate groups

Starting in January 2020, corporate groups with more than 15 volunteers are required to join our Teams for Good program to help make a measurable impact and provide more meals in our community. Click here to learn more about Teams for Good and how your company can get involved.

Distribution Center

Distribution center opportunities are best for large groups or those with school-aged children.

Backpack: Fill bags with six pounds of produce and staple items on Wednesday and Thursdays morning and afternoon shifts. Children experiencing hunger receive these bags for nourishment over the weekend.

Sort food that has been pulled from grocery store shelves to prevent it from reaching the landfill (approximately 60% is still edible and nutritious). Volunteers check expiration dates against their extended best by date and then sort and box each food by type.

Donated by manufacturers and retailers, volunteers label blank cans called “brites” with nutrition information.

Volunteers sort produce from the California Association of Food Banks and local farms. Varying differences in size, shape and color are not preferred for sale in local grocery stores.

Contact Sam Duke at sduke@feedingsandiego.org  or 858.452.3663 x100 for more information.