Over 70 billion pounds of food is wasted in the United States every year. With more than 490,000 San Diegans struggling with hunger, your business can help by donating items you normally discard — including dented cans and surplus inventory. Donating can save your business money.

Donor Benefits

  • Cost reduction — Your donations reduce or eliminate your storage and handling fees, waste disposal fees and other overhead costs.
  • Safe — Your donations are fully protected from legal liability under the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act of 1996. In addition, we maintain the highest standards of cold and supply chain integrity, and our staff is ServSafe certified.
  • Easy — With our fleet of refrigerated trucks, we can come to your business to pick-up product at no cost to you.
  • Tax Deductible – Deduct up to twice the cost of your donated product on your federal and/or state tax return.
  • Community Need – Your donation has an immediate impact on the lives of children, families, and seniors in need.

Product Type

FSD accepts a range of product, including individual cases and multiple truckloads of food and non-food items:

  • Discontinued or overrun food items
  • Short and out-of-code items (with extensions)
  • Seasonal/promotional items
  • Mislabeled/unlabeled items
  • Bulk product
  • Partial cases
  • Off-spec/test items
  • Raw ingredients
  • Boxes, paper products, pallets
  • Warehouse equipment
  • And more

Tax Benefits

FSD’s food donors are eligible for a number of tax benefits as defined by the IRS. Typically, the sum equates to one-half of the unrealized appreciation (market value minus cost equals appreciation) plus the taxpayer’s cost. Please consult with your attorney or tax consultant for more information.

Liability Protection

In 1996, President Clinton signed the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act into federal law, to encourage donations of food and grocery products to non-profit organizations. This law protects donors from liability when donating to a nonprofit organization.


Food Sourcing Team