A critical part of your responsibility as a distribution partner is the completion of periodic reports. Per your agency agreement, FSD collects and compiles this information to secure additional funding and evaluate community impact.


If you pick up food at a grocery store through Feeding San Diego, you are responsible for reporting what you receive on a bi-weekly basis. This report is due on the 1st and 15th of every month. Pounds should be reported by bi-weekly totals for each food rescue category.  You will now be using MealConnect,  a service provided by Feeding America.


Please see below for resources and guides to using the new system, and important food safety guidelines. Contact the Retail Rescue Coordinator at 619.240.0627 with any outstanding questions or concerns.

Agency Guide / Video Guide for Agency Account / Entering Receipts 


Monthly reports are different from the Food Rescue reports. The Monthly Reports are a general Feeding San Diego partner agency report, and they are mandatory, no exceptions. Due: Fifth day of every month at 5PM. If you are a residential facility, please indicate how many clients currently reside at your site.


Monthly Report Guide

  1. Click the button above to access the monthly report.
    *Please indicate which month you are reporting for*
  2. All agencies must complete the entire report as thoroughly as possible.
  3. Click “Done” when you have finished the report.
  4. If submitted correctly, you should receive the message pictured below. If you do not receive this message, your report has not been submitted.




Every three months, the Programs Department also sends out a Quarterly Survey attached to the Monthly Report which is not mandatory but that we highly encourage you to use. This survey is a tool for continuous improvement within the organization, and it is an opportunity for you to give detailed feedback on our programs and initiatives.

Please contact the Programs Coordinator, Sarah Ahern, at 858.452.3663 x137 if you have any questions or issues fulfilling your reporting duties.