Order Deadline

All orders must be submitted by noon, two business days prior to pick-up or delivery.

How to Place Orders

  • Sort and glean product for safety and quality upon arrival at FSD warehouse
  • Ensure accuracy while pulling agency order
  • Contact the donor or food manufacturer in the event that product received is unfit for distribution
  • Verify accuracy and completion of order before departure for FSD warehouse
  • Sort and glean product for safety and quality upon arrival at agency site
  • Take pictures and email FSD staff immediately if inspected product is unfit for distribution by completing our FSD Agency Feedback Survey online or via phone call.


After you receive an order confirmation, print and bring it with you to pick-up your order. If you have not received a confirmation 48 hours prior to your pick-up/delivery date, contact Sarah Ahern at kkolarik@feedingsandiego.org or 858.283.8965 x107. Please reference your issue and agency number.

If you have questions about ordering, please see the resources provided below or contact the Programs Department.


The food found in our distribution center comes from a variety of sources including national corporate partners, local donors, food drives, California Association of Food Banks and other resources.
 Although FSD does receive generous donations of food as a source of our food supply for programs and agencies, there is a cost associated with the transportation of that donated, shelf-stable product to FSD’s warehouse. Additionally, the food must be processed, stored and prepared for either delivery to or pick-up by you, all of which create additional costs. FSD charges a minimal fee for donated product depending on its cost to procure (according to the aforementioned steps) and $6/pallet for delivery to cover gas and maintenance for our equipment. Additionally, although we are able to offer produce to you at no cost, we incur an average of $0.13 a pound for all of our produce because we pay farmers a small amount for their food on top of the procurement costs that are associated with the donated shelf-stable product. As partners in the goal to end hunger in San Diego County, we each play a part in ensuring that the food available for donation reaches those who need it most, and shared maintenance fees allow FSD to continue to facilitate this process in a sustainable way.
Online orders can be picked up from 8 – 11AM, Monday through Friday. Deliveries can be scheduled on Agency Express 3.
Orders can be scheduled through Agency Express Online Ordering. Please visit the Online Ordering page for a link to the site and a resource guide. If you need help placing an order or would like to attend an AE3 training, contact Kerri Kolarik at 858.283.8965 x107.
Please contact Neighborhoods Programs Coordinator Kerri Kolarik at 858.283.8965 x107 with any questions or see our Online Ordering page for an FAQ.
Everything that we have stocked in our warehouse is available for order online and our inventory team works very hard to update the online marketplace as often as possible. Because we are primarily a donation-based organization, the amount and variety of food that we have each week can vary. You can place an order and add to it for up to 48 hours before your delivery/pick-up, so check in often to see what has come in.