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Feeding San Diego Responds to County Residents Affected by Power Outages

Hunger Relief Organization To Provide Extra Food to Hard-Hit Areas of County In response to the multiple power outages affecting 30,000 residents in San Diego’s East County, Feeding San Diego is sending one ton of additional fresh produce and other groceries to Julian this morning to help families who lost [...]

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Disaster Can Strike Anytime-Are You Ready?

Hurricanes, tornados, mass floods; these are not words you hear associated with Southern California. But California is not immune from disasters: we have nearly annual fires, tsunami threats, and (thankfully infrequent) earthquakes. “It’s not an if, but a when. It is only a matter of time until Southern California is [...]

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Helping Alpine Residents Affected by the West Fire

The West Fire had a significant impact on the Alpine community over the past few days. With 34 homes destroyed, and the impacts of a prolonged power outage, many residents are in need of food and water - both immediately and as the long road to recovery takes place. We hosted [...]

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