Elevate Foundation was born from a strong passion and desire to help others. Claude and Constance Jones faced many obstacles growing up but were fortunate to have people in their lives that provided opportunities to make a difference in themselves. In return, they use their time, effort and resources to pay it forward. The goal of Elevate Foundation is to make an impact in the world by offering a helping hand to “elevate” someone and they are using their own resources to make it happen.

Elevate Foundation works with many non-profit organizations in whom they feel share their common goal. Claude and Constance volunteer and donate to nonprofits whom they feel share their common goal and whose donations are being used for the purposes they believe in. By volunteering they have the opportunity to spend time getting to know the organization and the people they serve. Success to Constance and Claude means that they have changed the lives of others through their acts of giving. They know they have done well when someone has taken the opportunities provided by Elevate Foundation to do something great in their lives and then pay if forward.

Thank you to Elevate Foundation for your generous donation of $6,500 to School Pantry and Mobile Pantry programs! This help elevate the lives of 1 in 8 San Diegans struggling with food insecurity.