In addition to financial support, Feeding San Diego relies on contributions from national and local partnerships to source product.

Each year in America, roughly 70 billion pounds of good, safe food goes to waste (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Economic Forum). Feeding San Diego is committed to utilizing this valuable resource to serve the nearly 400,000 San Diegans who are food insecure. Working with farmers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers, FSD rescues food from across the food supply to feed those in need.

Retail Food Rescue: Providing more than half of the food distributed by FSD, our Retail Food Rescue program rescues quality food from grocers, restaurants and businesses to serve clients. FSD partners with more than 450 locations, including grocery stores like Food4Less, Ralphs, Target, Smart & Final, San Diego Unified School District and Walmart and restaurants or catering at facilities like the San Diego Zoo.

These partnerships allow FSD to rescue an average of a million pounds of fresh food each month. Produce, dairy, baked goods, meats and other perishable items that would otherwise go to waste are generously donated and picked up directly by our partner agencies. Recognized for its efficiency and effectiveness, this model enables FSD to reduce food waste while providing nutritious food to the community.

National Partnerships: Through our membership with Feeding America, FSD has access to billions of pounds of food from national corporate donors such as Kraft, Kellogg’s, ConAgra and General Mills. Without a Feeding America affiliate in the region, this food would not come into San Diego.

Fresh Produce: Each year, FSD receives millions of pounds of fresh produce through our partnership with the California Association of Food Banks and their Farm to Family program. Fresh foods are also donated through the local produce industry, Feeding America and gleaning partners.

Reclamation: Damaged food items from grocery stores, such as dented cans, torn cereal boxes and other safe, nutritious food items are reclaimed for use. Rather than going to the landfill, these items are received, sorted, cleaned and safety checked by volunteers at the distribution center.

Purchased Product: In order to supplement food donations and ensure a nutritious mix of product, FSD also purchases highly discounted foods through relationships with local vendors and partners. All purchased product meets high nutritional standards developed and passed by the Nutrition Policy council and outlined in our Purchased Food Policy.

Food Donations: Individuals, groups, manufacturers, farmers and retailers donate food directly to Feeding San Diego to help fight hunger in our community.