Denise joined Feeding San Diego in the fall of 2014. As Chief Financial Officer, Denise oversees the financial, HR, and IT activities of the organization. Denise’s experience includes almost twenty years in accounting, five years in banking, and over fifteen years in retail. Her accounting experience is concentrated in entertainment and hospitality, franchised restaurants, manufacturing, and accounting consulting for nonprofits, media and software companies. Denise also has over ten years of management experience. In her various roles with organizations, she has participated and led various audits; including financial audits, state sales tax audits, IRS audits, and EDD audits.

Denise grew up in San Marcos and graduated from California State University San Marcos with a degree in business administration with an emphasis in accounting. She is currently a CPA candidate and expects to obtain the certification within the next twelve to sixteen months.

You can reach Denise at or at 858.452.3663.